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We aim toprovide high quality products and service to ensure that patients receive the clinical outcomes that they desire. Our team is committed to treating patients with the respect that they deserve. We strive to create a relationship that makes the entire process exceptional from start to finish through personal service and excellent clinical guidance.

How It Works

Patients that qualify can receiver one pair of Diabetic shoes and three inserts per calendar year. For theDiabetic Shoes to be covered by your Medicare or Medicaid plan, it must be considered “medically necessary” and a prescription to be written by the proper medical professional. Products deemed medically necessary are those considered essential to the treatment or management of the patient’s particular condition. Each Medicare and Medicaid program has different policies about which incontinence products are considered medically necessary.

If you need help understanding your product coverage for your Medicare or Medicaid benefits, please contact us, and we can provide you with more information.

Propet Shoes

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